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Our goal is to supply efficient business ICT solutions, quality products, and provide excellent customer service and support. We promise quick response and timely solutions to all your problems and needs.

Criterion ICTS Consultants are able to assist with the analysis of current and future organisational needs and the subsequent effects to your network infrastructure. A solution can then be designed to meet both your business and budgetary requirements and enable you to efficiently build, expand and integrate your business through best practice processes and technologies.

To maintain a flexible communications infrastructure it is important to fully understand the current network environment and develop a plan for future requirements.

One of the fundamental requirements for optimum Network Management is the basic knowledge of how a network is operating on a day to day basis and to be able to recognise any changes.

Criterion ICTS can provide an in-depth analysis and report of all functional areas of the IT infrastructure.

We also analyse problems that affect your network performance, then develope an overall optimization plan, implement the solution and develope a network performance sustenance plan to ensure that the network continues performing at its peak, delivering value to customers through Network Analysis, Assessment & Design in three steps:

  1. Helping you with the decision to implement networks and equipment.

  2. Designing the most economical network with highest Quality of Service
    (QoS) to support current and future service, technology, and capacity requirements.

  3. Develop a comprehensive financial and business plan. These service offerings include:

    • Evaluation of your network and recommendations for any necessary modifications to bring it up to full service.

    • Creation of site layout documents for new and existing sites to be used for planning and installations.

    • Provide network design where product is being re-commissioned or moved.

The Benefits of Analysis:

  • Optimum network performance.

  • Identification of potential problems before they occur.

  • Ability to make informed decisions on how proposed new systems will impact on the existing infrastructure.

  • Focus for additional investment in networking technologies.

  • Criterion ICTS's investment in network monitoring equipment and certified network consultants.




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