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Networks often extended over a period of time, might be less effective. To address this issue, Criterion ICTS offers a number of Asset Management services. We can undertake a full audit of your ICT infrastructure, analysing the entire network topology, the location of all equipment, line speeds, connections and software in use. A full network schematic can be produced together with a report highlighting any problems or inconsistencies.

Desktop computer systems, like any other corporate asset, can be managed to lower costs and improve your organisations return on investment. However, before you can manage your desktop assets, you must know what you have and how it is being used. Without a comprehensive asset inventory and an ongoing asset management program, it is impossible to accurately budget or control maintenance and support costs, plan for growth and upgrades, or make strategic and ICT business decisions.

Criterion ICTS asset management service provides a detailed inventory of your desktop assets including PCs, monitors, keyboards, printers, and software. Criterion ICTS specialist, plan and manage the entire inventory process and when the inventory is completed, we can provide you with detailed reports that can help you make better informed decisions and help you keep within the software licensing laws. We'll show you where the opportunities are and discuss strategies for increasing the value of your desktop technology investment.




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