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This feature allows our Network Administrators to clone a standard corporate desktop configuration, complete with OS configurations, desktop customizations and locally installed applications. Once configured, the cloned image is stored on a server. On request, the server downloads these images to new computers. The new computer’s hardware does not have to be identical to that of the computer on which the image was created.

Criterion ICTS can supply, configure and install laptop and desktop computers and network servers from all major manufacturers. We can either install a pre-configured image supplied by the customer for laptop and desktop PC’s or create a specific image for loading onto one or more systems. We can configure each system to your individual requirements dependant on the applications to be used and even pre-configure prior to delivery & installation.

This service can be used to reduce the workload on your in-house staff when you have major roll-outs of new software or the deployment of new computer systems, and to help you complete projects on time. Using Criterion ICTS for system builds and imaging is also an excellent way to make your in-house support team available for other projects within your organisation.

Criterion ICTS can complete the full roll-out operation, arriving at your site with the equipment, un-boxing the equipment and removing the packaging, setting up the systems at users desks and configuring them to run on the network. This can be completed out of working hours if required.

Pre-configured vs. custom-built

Depending on your needs, you may prefer the customization of a system built to your exact requirements, or you may desire the convenience and ease of an expertly pre-configured system! Criterion ICTS offers both options, thus allowing us to customize to your requirements.

With a customized desktop, you can easily adjust the options and features to get exactly what you want and need. A standard configuration might offer 128 MB of RAM, which you can easily increase to 512; "standard issue" might include a 40GB hard drive, but you can specify 80, or more. By the same token, if your system starts out with a 80 GB hard drive, you can just as easily save some money by specifying a smaller drive.

With a pre-configured desktop, much of the complexity is taken out of configuring the system. Expertly configured, pre-built systems are optimized for mainstream computing needs and are a great choice as a first computer or additional home system.

The choice between pre-built and custom-built systems depends on your personal preferences. Criterion ICTS will advice you on the option that best meets your needs and budget!




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