Wireless Bluetooth GPRS Broadband, ISDN & Dial-Up VPN


GPRS, standing for General Packet Radio Service, is the "new, improved" way of passing data over a mobile phone network. Until GPRS, the standard method of surfing the net, getting emails or, most commonly, using WAP on a mobile phone was done using the circuit-switched method - dialing up, staying online, then logging off.

GPRS allows for what has become known as "always on" data connection for GSM mobile phones, allowing for faster WAP browsing, web surfing and email.

As well as being faster than the older dialup method, the main advantage is that you no longer pay for your online time per-minute, you pay for the amount of data you transfer. As an example, the " O2 Data 5 tariff" charges £8/month for 5 megabytes, which is enough to send or receive up to 2000 emails of 500 words, or download up to 5000 Mobile Internet (WAP) pages. Another bonus of GPRS, is that sessions can be suspended when an incoming voice call is detected, so you don't lose calls.


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Wireless Bluetooth GPRS Broadband, ISDN & Dial-Up VPN