Web Design

Do you need a website?

How often are you asked if you have a website?

Do you answer no because you don't or because your current web site is dated and does not support you business the way it should.

Having an Internet presence and an e-mail address is essential in today's escalating medium of communication. The World Wide Web is the fastest growing market of advertising in history. The web is an invaluable tool to provide others with information. It has become as important as having a business card or phone number, however, a web site provides 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year advertising and accessibility.

Having a company web presence is vital for success in today's business world. It can increase your credibility, brand recognition, give 24 hour access to your company and increase sales revenue no matter how small you are.

Your website is an online representation of your company to millions of Internet users. It’s how your current and, more importantly, your future customers will judge you, your products and your services. You cannot afford to have a poor website design. Perfect pages creates custom web sites for companies large and small.

Did you know more than 12.9 million (52percent) of uk households now have internet access, compared with just 2.3 million (9 percent) in 1998. A popular web site magazine said “One quarter of Britons have spent more than £1000 on online purchases in the past year,” but it is not just the money, search's are carried out to find all sorts of information from where to find a plumber to space travel.

It is very important to impress your future customers with a professionally built site but just because you pay a web designing firm to do this for you does not mean it has been done properly, it is up to you to decided what firm is best for you and hopefully it will be perfect pages.

Criterion ICTS offers a full range of offordable web site design solutions. From domain name registration through to hosting. We will help you through the full development process so that the end result is to your requirements.