E-Commerce is conducting a business, selling a product and collecting payments electronically. It is differentiated from a retail business in that a store front, bricks and mortar, are not required. It is also differentiated from a catalog business in that a catalog is not required. Catalogs are very expensive ways to advertise.

Some 'must haves' for a successful e-commerce business:

  • Your own domain name.

  • You own web site.

  • A product you can sell.

  • Original content.

  • Your own merchant program or the ability to accept secure payments on-line.

  • One definition of an e-commerce web site is a site that:

  • Offers a product or products on-line

  • Offers a secure manner of payment processing on-line.

  • Delivers their product or products on-line or with a timely shipping method.

  • These are just some basic requirements.