Streaming Video

Ever wondered how some videos on the web play right away without having to be downloaded first?

Streaming technology allows web clients to access information in a file stored on a server* before that file is completely downloaded. This means that large files can be heard or seen almost immediately, even with slower connections. This capability provides what is commonly known as audio-on-demand or video-on-demand. It allows for the "broadcast" of previously stored presentations as well as for the broadcast of live events. Adding streaming media to your site means that your information can be broadcast cost-effectively to a global audience for entertainment, marketing, training and corporate communications.

Whether you want to stream a pre-recorded video or live video we can offer a solution for you*.

-Allows large multimedia files to be played over the Internet/Intranet almost immediately
-Provides the ability to fast forward, reverse and stop multimedia presentations
-Allows you to replay the presentation when convenient
-No special hardware required to view the stream on a PC
-Required plug-ins are incorporated into the latest browsers

-Video quality can be perceived as unacceptable for businesses at lower line rates
-Creating the files needed for streaming transmission is a time consuming task
-Currently there are no governing standards

*Streaming Video relies on a third party hosting companies.