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Course description

More and more organizations are building heterogeneous, enterprise-wide networks consisting of PCs, workstations and servers communicating via LANs and WANs. Routers and switches have emerged as the critical building blocks in this environment.

This 2 day hands-on course provides the essential knowledge required to deploy and use routers and switches in TCP/IP networks.


Who will benefit?
Network administrators.
Network operators.
Those wishing to find out more about how their LAN works.

Course Pre-requisites
Network Fundamentals course or equivalent knowledge - Working knowledge of the OSI reference model, differences between and functions of layer 2 and layer 3 devices. STP, RIP, static routes.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Choose and evaluate routers and switches.
  • Configure and troubleshoot routers and switches.
  • Configure STP.
  • Install Ethernet TCP/IP networks.
  • Segment LANs with routers and switches
  • Troubleshoot Ethernet networks.
  • Install Wireless into Ethernet Network


Course Content
Ethernet review
Single segment Ethernet, CSMA/CD, Broadcast domains, collision domains, hubs and repeaters.

Configuring routers and switches
Products, accessing and installing the routers and switches, switch interfaces, connecting PCs using the switch.

What is a switch? Inside a switch, the backplane, Ports, buffers, store and forward vs. cut through, fragment free.

Console interface
User and privilege modes, online help, show , basic troubleshooting. Speed, Full/half duplex, auto negotiation, flow control methods.

The configuration editor, Global, major and sub commands, enable , secret and other passwords. Hands on: Setting a password, CLI configuration.

Backbone architectures
Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10Gig, Ethernet bundles.

Managing switches

Introduction, reasons for VLANS, configuring VLANS.

Hands On

Throughout this course delegates will develope a real life Local Area Network environment with wireless capabilities consisting of routers, switch, PC's, Server, wireless access points (WAP) and wireless PCs and laptops.

Routers and switches will be configured by delegates. Windows XP PC's and 2003 servers will have pre-configured operating systems but all network configuration will be carried out by delegates.


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