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We offer imaging services that copy one hard drive to another, or onto other systems such as laptop and PDAs. A good computer imaging service is more than just drive imaging, it is about the flexibility of image uploads and system deployment. Trust Criterion ICTS for your computer imaging needs.

For example, if your organization uses Windows XP Pro, Office XP, Norton Anti-Virus, Apple OS X or Linux with particular network settings, our trained specialists can copy this data to all of your purchased systems, saving you time and money.

Submit a computer image in four ways:

  • FTP your image directly to our FTP site for the fastest turnaround.

  • Send us your image file on CD or hard drive.

  • Send us your system (PC, laptop or PDA). We'll upload your image to our image server and use it on your future orders.

  • We can create a new image for you. Simply purchase or provide us with copies of the software and we'll configure an image.

Benefits of Computer Imaging Services:

  • Save time by no longer needing to configure multiple computers.

  • Save time and money by focusing on more productive ICT Tasks.

  • Ship computers directly to their final destination. You'll no longer need to ship computers to your organization's ICT offices to be configured before they reach their destination.

  • Stop worrying about missing applications. With Imaging Services, you can be sure that all of the correct applications make it onto your computers - every time.




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