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Macromedia Flash MX


Course description

Day 1 - Introduces the user to the fundamental concepts and features of Macromedia® Flash™ MX, the professional solution for designing and producing web animation. It presents basic information on creating, editing, and publishing Flash MX movies. The learning path also introduces the learner to the enhanced functionality of Flash MX, promoting the use of best practices for using Flash MX as more than just a tool for animation but also as an application for designing and developing web sites.

Day 2 - Demonstrates the advanced design techniques available in Macromedia® Flash(TM) MX. It shows users how to create usable, interactive Flash documents using navigation systems, images, sound, video, and dynamic text. It also describes best practice for the design and development of web sites using Flash MX


Who will benefit?
Web professionals, home users, and end users, for people new to Flash (or who have used it only to build applications) that want to use it to build rich media applications that effectively use animation, sound, and video.

Course Pre-requisites

Course Objectives
By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • To describe the Flash MX environment and simple animation

  • To describe ActionScript functionality

  • To reduce file size

  • To add sound to and publish Flash MX movies


Course Content

Learning the basics of Macromedia Flash MX
Introducing the Flash MX interface
Designing a movie in Flash MX

Creating graphics and text in Macromedia Flash MX
Using graphics and drawing tools in Flash MX
Importing graphics, masking, and using text in Flash MX
Using layers in Flash MX

Adding simple animations in Macromedia Flash MX
Using libraries, symbols, and instances in Flash MX
Creating frame-by-frame animation in Flash MX
Creating motion tweens in Flash MX
Using shape tweening and shape hints in Flash MX
Adding a motion tween and motion guide using Flash MX

Using symbols and libraries in Macromedia Flash MX
Using symbols in Flash MX
Using components in Flash MX
Creating and organizing a navigation bar in Flash MX

Using ActionScript in Macromedia Flash MX
Using Flash MX frame and button actions
Labeling a keyframe and adding an action in Flash MX

Creating movies in Macromedia Flash MX
Using the loadMovie action in Flash MX
Sharing library assets in Flash MX
Using templates in Flash MX
Using loadMovie and library assets in Flash MX

Adding sounds in Macromedia Flash MX
Adding sound to a movie in Flash MX
Adding sound to a button in Flash MX

The video object in Macromedia Flash MX
Adding video in Flash MX
Importing video clips as embedded files using Flash MX

Publishing with Macromedia Flash MX
Publishing a Flash MX movie


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